Family Units

Family Units

  • Low-Income Family Units

    Sometimes life throws you a curve. You may have lost your job, had a reduction in pay, or you are simply starting over.

  • Family Homes

    Where can you find clean, comfortable, and affordable housing for your family? Titusville Housing Authority’s Family Units may be the answer.

  • Affordable Family Homes

    Rent is based on your income, so apartments are affordable. Utilities are included with your rent, so you have no separate gas, electric, or water bill.

  • Home Safe Home

    Background checks are completed on all applicants including criminal, credit, and landlord checks.

  • Appliances Included

    All apartments come with a stove and a refrigerator and there are hook-ups available for your washer and dryer.

  • A Place to Call Home in Titusville

    Once a family is determined eligible, they are placed on the waiting list and will be contacted by Titusville Housing Authority when an apartment becomes available.

  • Rent is Based on Income

    Contact Titusville Housing Authority for application information.

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