Affordable Rent for ALL

Providing decent, safe and affordable housing to low-income residents of the City of Titusville, PA.
We accomplish this by offering a variety of programs including: 

Public housing for families
Housing for elderly and disabled individuals
Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program

Tenant rent is based on income, so rent is affordable for all.
Section 8 housing in Titusville, PA

Affordable Housing Programs Located in Titusville, Pennsylvania

Family Units

THA has Public Housing Family Units available at 3 different locations in Titusville. These apartments are located on East Spruce Street, West Oak Street, and Jones Street. There are 61 total units ranging in size from 1 – 4 bedrooms.

Central Towers

Central Towers is an 8-story apartment building conveniently located in the downtown area. Central Towers is designated as a building for the elderly, disabled, and near-elderly (age 50 and above). There are 90 apartments in Central Towers.

Billie Brown Building

The Billie Brown Building is a 3-story apartment building primarily designated for the elderly and disabled. It is located on Water Street in Titusville. There are 65 apartments in the Billie Brown Building. 

Section 8 Housing

THA also operates the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program within the City of Titusville. When awarded a housing voucher, a participant is free to choose their own housing provided by an independent landlord as long as the owner agrees to rent under the program, the unit meets minimum standards of health and safety, and the rent is reasonable as determined by THA. A housing subsidy is paid to the landlord directly by THA on behalf of the participating family. 
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